Business Consulting

Strategic Advisory

  • You envisage an acquisition or plan to sell your company?
  • You encounter the difficult task of restructuring your business.
  • You want to reshape your company to make it fit for future?

We have the necessary experience to provide you with optimum support in every phase of your company's life cycle.

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Corporate Finance

  • You are planning to finance an acquisition?
  • Would you like to reduce your financial risk?
  • Do you want to avoid withholding tax?

We will find the optimum mix of equity and debt capital for you, taking into account mezzanine capital and hybrid capital.

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M & A

  • You are planning to buy or sell a company?
  • Do you want to bring in a partner?
  • Would you like to acquire a stake in another company?

We offer more than 10 years of deal experience providing advice in more than 60 projects with a combined transaction volume of over 15 bn EURO.

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Business Restructuring

We would be happy to support you in restructuring and refinancing helping to make your company fit for the future again, once the existing structures turn out to be not sufficient anymore.

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