Tax Transparency

  • You are worried about the data security of the information you provided to the tax authorities?
  • You do not know whether you should go for an ATR (advance tax ruling) considering that that could be published?
  • You do not want to discuss your tax affairs in public?

Your worries are justified!

The respective EU directives provide for an unlimited and automatic exchange of information between the tax authorities. This is also applicable for confidential tax rulings.

Moreover, its foreseen that the Country by Country reports are published publicly. It is to be expected that especially NGOs, who are sceptical towards business, will use these reports to attack corporations on their tax contribution.

You should therefore have your tax strategy checked and a communication strategy prepared, to have it at hand, once it becomes your turn to answer critical questions.

Benefit from our expertise in public relations!

With our unique Country by Country Analyses Tool I could help you to identify the respective risk areas!

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