State Aid

Hardship Fund

Provided that the loss in net earnings compared to the last or the last three tax assessments is at least 50%, 80% but no more than EUR 2,000 per month, but at least EUR 500 per month, is compensated for a maximum of three months.

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Fixed cost subsidy

Depending on the amount of the loss in sales, from a loss of sales of at least 40%, between 25% and 75% of the fixed cost are reimbursed for a maximum of three months.

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Investment premium

The investment premium is a subsidy for an investment and is paid out in cash. The amount is generally 7% and 14% for investments in the areas of digitization, greening and health / life science.

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Sales compensation

Up to 80% of the loss in sales in November 2020 compared to sales in the previous year will be reimbursed, whereby the remuneration amount is limited to EUR 800,000 and is at least EUR 2,300.

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